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Monsoon Point Healing

Subtle Energy Body Work - Trauma Healing - Somatic Experience

Everything is energy.

Thoughts, emotions, experiences, memories, fantasies, everything.

All of us go through experiences in life that leave intense emotional imprints in the nervous-system and body cells - the so called cell memory -, that can trouble us for a long time after the actual experience took place. These experiences may even have happened in the womb or in prior generations of our ancestors which are still carried in our body's cell memory.

Oftentimes, what is troubling us is not clear nor can it be accessed through our conscious mind or even sub-conscious cognitive mind but is only experienced as an uncomfortable energy sensation in the body-mind-nervous-system (BMNS).

Many of these experiences that leave these intense imprints in the BMNS can be called "traumatic" even though they may seem very innocent and random (see the broader description of trauma and traumatic experiences in Peter Levine's book "Waking the Tiger". These imprints can stay in the nervous-system and cell memory and can be experienced as "frozen energy".

In working with people, I have found that these energetic blocks can often be the reason why people feel "stuck" or "lost" or "not knowing what to do", or "knowing what to do but I can not get my self to do it" and many more symptoms of "frozen life energy". Because of my own experience with these feelings of stuckness, restlessness or even depression, I started studying several healing modalities that can accelerate the healing of these traumatic imprints in order to free up this frozen life energy. This allows the life energy to flow freely again so it is available to support the Being in living life to the fullest! It is therefor that I have started integrating subtle energy body work, trauma healing and somatic experiencing and other modalities in my Satsang and life coaching practice to offer the best possible results in helping people find and live their truth and freedom.

Modalities studied and integrated in my subtle energy-body healing work:

The Journey - Emotional & Energy Healing, Spiritual Awakening

Vortex Energy Healing - Subtle Energy-Body Healing

Deep Change - Somatic Experiencing

Cranio Sacral Therapy - Subtle Energy Massage

Family Constellations - Systemic Work

Shamanic Journeying - Emotional & Spiritual Healing

All sessions are unique and tailor-made based on my intuitive sensing of the subtle energy-body and allowing Divine Intelligence to guide where healing is needed. This subtle energy-body work is in person and is always "clothes-on" and can be both "hands-on" and "hands-off" as preferred.

All sessions are on donation basis

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